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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, 17 October 2011

Game VS Girlfriend?

Boys, they were never ever been separated with games. Why? Because they know Game first before they met their girlfriend. I ever come across this kind situation. Between game and girlfriend, which one will your boyfriend will choose? My boyfriend, he definitely chooses me. (I guess?) Because if he not, he will be dead then, just joking (But seriously!). LOL! =)  Well, for me it’s not a big deal tough if your boyfriend wants to play game or spend time with his friends playing games. But, if they rather choose their game then their girlfriend; I think we have a problem there.  That is totally not fair. Although you were playing games, you should also consider about your girlfriend. Not just stick with the joystick or stares at the monitor 24hours. Give time, divide your time equally. (Game 30%, Girlfriend 70% that’s my opinion =)) Don’t just play with the games. You boys will be regrets if your girlfriend leaves you just because you boys spend too much time with the games. I’m not asking you guys to stick with us girls 24hours, but be more considerate okay? Well maybe you can bring your girlfriend play too, right? Much better I think, at least you guys spend more quality time together.  So, here’s the deal, you guys can play game BUT please be more considerate about our feelings. Maybe you guys play game until midnight while your girlfriend was waiting for you, TO CALL! Don’t ever never ever be like that, it hurts a lot man! =(  So, in this case; boys and girls; you guys need more understanding if came across this kind of situation. Be matured in handling and dealing with it, make a wise decision so you won’t have any regret about it. Cheers!

p/s my boyfriend is a addicted to game, well he use to. Now, he can divide his time equally and i'm proud of him. =D

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