Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Saturday, 26 November 2011


I've got my new shoes for my annual dinner!! well, thanks to my hubby!! hehehhee <3

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Hi there, today I have a lot of things to share with u guys. My two lovely sisters has made my day, they put a very pretty and simple make up on my face.. The other side of my face, make up by Kak Aloey and the other half make up by Kak Shanti. Hehhe.. love it to the max! XD


wee..~ my first time makin' caramel pudding. 1st try.. well, kinda fail because the caramel taste a bit burn.. hahhaa..~ BUT my 2nd try is the best! hhahaha.. come out very very nice and yummy.. hehehe.. here's some of the photos taken after finish makin' the pudding while waiting it to be cold.. <3

hehhee.. i learn it from youtube, so i think u guys should try it.. its simple and easy to make.. try it now!! =D

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

What - a - day.. XD

Hi peeps, just finish my assignment. Again! Urgghh.. tired but its ok, i'm used to it =) Btw, here I want to share with you about Beyonce and SNSD (Girls Generation) new songs and new music video XD

Both of them are my most-all time favorite singer =D and both of them have a new music video! Wee!!! XD
Really love Beyonce new songs, "Love on Top". She show her powerful voice, the lyrics are sweet. It reminds me about my boyfriend, hehe.. and this song release by BeyonceVeVo on 15/10, 1 day before my birthday.. hahaha.. XD For SNSD, they have this amazing song call "The Boys", just saw the music video, it was awesome!! Did I mention that I'm a KPop fan too?? hehe.. Well, listen and enjoy their song k?

                      Beyonce - Love On Top

                           SNSD - The Boys

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Morning!! XD

Waahh.. wake up so early today, cause I got class at 8am later. I cant actually post anything yet but I promise I'll post it later, after I finish my classes. But right now gotta go get ready and have something for breakfast. Hopefully today gonna be a fine day. God bless us all XD


My Basic Computing Homework! XD

Haha, right now doing my exercises for my Basic Computing. Gonna post something later, after I'm done with my exercises/homework, okay?? Bubbye =D


Arrgghh.. been blogging since 4:00pm and now its 7:00pm. Tired, my back hurt. Gosh, be back later. Recharge myself first, do all my delayed assignments and I'll get back later k? See ya' guys later =D Miaaoooowww <3