Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Saturday, 2 April 2011


o you ever come across a situation whereby your boyfriend or girlfriend, they were too naive. Well, it’s a good thing also but when they ask you a question where you yourself cannot figure out the answer. Example like they ask you “Can I kiss my friend on his/her cheeks or maybe lips?” What a question. Well maybe some of us will react like “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ASKING ME..?” or maybe “YOU’RE ASKING ME FOR THAT BULLSHIT..?”Or maybe even worst “KISS HIM/HER AND WE ARE OVER..!” Ouch! That hurts a lot. Well, maybe we dint see the good side of it. Our partner is just trying to be honest with us. Before we said those cruel words or whatever it is, think. Think why they ask your permission? Why don’t they just kiss him/her? Why they need to ask you? Because she or he loves you so well until everything that they do they’ll report to you. He /she know that if they do kiss him/her without you knows about it, rumors spread it all over, people add more stories on it to make it even worst, and the worst  part is when you hear those things from other people. You will think that your partner is cheated on you because they dint let you know about it. And that is why they told you, ask for your permission. Well, maybe at first it’s kinda awkward but thinks before you react. Take a deep breath and think, it’s up to you whether you let them kiss or not. Be an understanding boyfriend/girlfriend, it will help you a lot in your relationship. So, when you in a situation like we mention about, I guess you know what to do right? Think wisely; don’t react too over about it. Okay? I guess that’s it for now. Till next time. Toddles!

P/s: For boys, girl’s heart is way too sensitive, so don’t hurt them by asking that question. They might understand, or maybe they even can laugh about it and say “Yeah, you may kiss the girl, why not?” but deep down in their heart, you are hurting them. Really really hurt I’m tellin’ ya. They let you do it because they love you; they want you to be happy. For girls, boys are tough in the outside, but inside they were weak. Once you hurt them, its stays forever. So girls, be understanding. Same goes to boys. =)

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